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We could argue whether or not the BBC should have let Nick Griffin on Question Time forever. But what’s done, is done. Now we all have to deal with the consequences.

It was the exposure he had only dreamed of, a perfect platform to address millions of people. Really, the BBC needs to consider what their aim was in bringing the leader of an openly racist party on Question Time.

It seems the panel and the audience spent the hour bullying Nick about his racist views. The debate was going round in circles. They dug up the past claiming: ‘My Dad fought in the war. Yours didn’t.’ Now, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the BBC’s goal.

Should the panel not have questioned him about his policies? Taking the focus away from Nick and perhaps discussing the Royal Mail, the recession, or crime figures, the public would have really understood the BNP. Everyone knows they are a racist party and I’m sure Nick was well prepared for the questions he received. And so along came the well rehearsed answers.

Now here is the worrying stuff I read on the TimesOnline:
“An opinion poll conducted after the programme was aired found that 22 per cent of people would ‘seriously consider’ voting for the BNP.” 22 per cent! That is a lot.

“The BBC has also had 243 complaints that the show was biased against Griffin, compared with 114 complaining about him appearing on it.”

The BBC can’t deny a party of air time. In a country where a party of this nature can form, it is only rational for them to have fair treatment. But politics is a mess at the moment. So what did that hour of Question Time achieve? Anger among the electorate might just make them do what all parties don’t want – More support for BNP.

I think most people realise how sordid the BNP is and took everything Nick said with a pinch of salt. In one ear and out the another, as my mum would say. But I’m worried about the people who are sitting on the fence. People who have been feeling less and less in control of the lives and blame politicians.

Repercussions of the debate are far from finished but I guess only time will tell the really damage.


I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed and got comfortable in front of the TV. Whilst eating my breakfast I watched bits and pieces of Pink’s concert. Not sure where it was, but that’s not important.

See, I’m not usually a big fan of Pink but this song definitely got my attention. Its lyrics definitely provoked my reactions and I think the message is really important in today’s world. Kind of strange, because it gave me goose bumps.

Are you politically active? Do you feel informed about British politics? Do you feel like you influence the way this country is run?

I’m guessing very few of you will answer yes to any of those questions. The careless attitude is becoming more common within our society.

But believe it or not, politics at the moment is pretty hot. Who does what? What did they say?

The general election needs to occur before May 2010 and the largest two parties are fighting for a win. But with the contagious careless attitude spreading with anyone even turn up to vote.

The electorate turnout has been on the decline for over a decade now. People have given up, lost hope and simply can’t be bothered. But one law the Aussies have is compulsory voting. You have to turn up and vote. It’s part of living in the country. Similar to paying taxes, some would say it defeats the object of freedom of choice. But perhaps it would make people more active in politics. Maybe you would pay a little more attention to how the government proposes to run the country.

Saying all this, it seems so easy to encourage people to vote, but I’m not sure it would actually work. Forcing us to do something we really don’t care about. Maybe politicians should take a look in the mirror. How about they stop getting spin-doctors to sell their policies in the best light and cut straight to the point. Perhaps they need to recognise the difference between playground politics and governing a country. Then they may earn some respect and interact with the future generations. After all it’s them who will be voting the next prime minister!

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