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Tragedies are something we all hear about. Whether it’s on the news, through friends or in the novels we read, they are everywhere. Yet everyone likes to keep a fair distance from them.

Recently a tragedy hit home. Although I’ll never understand why, we lost my grandma through the selfish actions of another human being. Shock followed by anger, questions and sadness spread through all the family. If you’ve read my earlier post Believe or not to Believe, you’ll know I already question religion, so this event far from strengthened my faith. I didn’t understand, and don’t think I ever will. But I’ve realised in life, we won’t ever understand everything. Some things are there too throw us completely off course. Pick us up; put us though a whirlpool and then expect us to carry on. But it’s not about why you got put in the whirlpool. It’s about how you recover and what you learn.

The battle of good versus bad will never go away. Whether it’s a tragedy costing someone their life or the small choices you make in your day to day life. Going through different experiences in the end make you who you are.

I strongly believe everything happens for reason and even though some reasons are unknown, we need to find the positive and focus. Deaths and losing loved ones is something no-one can prepare for. Why? It’s because as humans sharing experiences is how we learn – and therefore death is unique and a complete mystery.

One thought that’s kept me going through the past few weeks is this. Our body, the physical stuff, is a carriage. Your personality, true beauty and the stuff people know you for is kept deep in your soul. And your soul is eternal. It escapes the world and lives on. It continues a journey unknown to mankind.

I’ve wanted to put pen to paper for a little while down. But everytime all I found myself writing was questions. Today I tried hard to look beyond those questions and this is what I found. Hopefully it helps. Helps when we have those moments where we all need a lift or losing track. If it does that, for even one person, I’ll be happy.


michael-jackson-thrillerThe King of Pop has left us, and will rest in peace in the heavens above. But boy, his music will live on.

It all feels very surreal. When it was unconfirmed it felt like a sick joke. I couldn’t quite believe but this morning all was confirmed.

Due to perform at the London O2 in two weeks, the pressure was intense. Could he pull it off? Was he still capable?  The media had been focusing on the man more than his music in recent years and they were ever ready to scrutinise his performance.  

Throughout this afternoon I’ve been flicking through radio stations, and within minutes I hear his voice. His lyrics, persona, songs, and dance are undoubtedly immortal. I mean there are no words that do justice to his music. It’s immense.

As a man, I think we can all agree his life was a rollercoaster. Sky highs followed by hell lows, but not once was his talent questioned. A musical genius who I feel was misunderstood as a man.

Now the world mourns for an artist whose music brought incredible amounts of emotion of individuals. I mean, I was trying to pick a favourite of mine. But it’s just hit after hit. Sentimental tunes followed by beats which moulded future artists. Its fascinating how one figure can influence so much. I’m Speechless, like he sung. All generations love Michael Jackson and that in itself is an achievement. Pure magic and profound legend

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and although his death is still fresh and the story is far from finished, I genuinely believe he had lived his life to the max. An incredible story.

Eat your heart out!


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