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Me and technology aren’t the best of friends. We probably the kind of friends that only make small talk. But I was heartbroken to hear about the death of my iPod.

Okay, so you could call me a little dramatic. But there’s a collection of over 4000 songs that has kept me going on those long train rides for years. After the hearing the bad news the Apple Store swiftly lifted my spirits by telling me I can get a new iPod was £30! A shiny new iPod for £30. Where’s the catch I thought. Nikhil asked: “A brand new iPod?” It was too good to be true. The small print arrived. They’ll give me a refurbished iPod, with a 90 days warranty.

Another distressed woman caught me eye. Her iPhone had frozen. After assessing it an Apple technician broke the bad news to her. The hardware had broken inside. He then quickly put a smile on her face by saying: “We will replace your iPhone with a new one.” Nowhere did he mention it would be a refurbished iPhone.

As much as Apple is a very cool brand, shouldn’t they be a little more specific when helping their customers. Giving customers a false sense of hope, is not the way forward.


Lucie-Jones-cropRelax, it’s only a show.
3000 complaints is an utter waste of time.

At the end of the day Lucie received lowest number of votes. End of story. Full stop.

This weekend saw the Irish pair survive the sing-off with Lucie Jones after judge Simon Cowell turned to the public result.

Now yes, of course, The X Factor is a singing contest and clearly Lucie has a lot more talent than the twins but along with talent, the contestants need to showcase likability and personality. This, the twins do brilliantly and even though they can’t sing the public like them. Lucie didn’t connect with the public, hence she got the lowest number of votes.

Let’s face it. Everyone is intrigued and excited to see Jedward’s performance every Saturday. Even if you hate them, you still want to see their performance. The hate campaigns now NEED to stop – quite frankly the public are bullying the young lads, who in all honesty have every right to be on the show.

As for Simon Cowell, we can come up with numerous reasons for his actions on Sunday night: get the strong singers out, Jedward attract viewers = MONEY. But like he said on The Xtra Factor: “It’s not life or death.” The contestants are recording a charity single this week – That’s what matters. It’s not all about fame, Simon realises there are more important things to do.

So you all people complaining to ITV and OFCOM ask yourself, why didn’t you vote for Lucie if you feel this strongly about her talent?

After a very heated debate about JLS debut single Beat Again, this single gets my thumbs up. This is what I can see myself singing along to in the car. Not only do they sound a lot more mature, they look hot too! Starting to shed the reality show hoodies, their new wardrobes are pretty unique too. I like it, what do you think?

sawSo our family trip was planned and organised to Thorpe Park last Friday and talk about taking it out of me!

I won’t bore you with the details of every ride but I’ll tell you this much – Saw is breathtaking. Not to forget exhilarating, thrilling and surely full of suspense. The ride has had a lot of publicity but, the hour long queue was worth every second.

Filled with drops, gruesome scenes, loops we walked off shaking. Just when you think you’ve dropped enough to be quite close to the ground you drop again! Also the ride is partially in the dark which just adds to the Saw atmosphere. And funny thing is the best was still to come – alongside purchasing photos, you can now purchases videos of yourself on the ride!

Being the first themed rollercoaster for a horror film it is definitely worth the £13.5 million it took to create. The 8-seater car allows for tight changes in direction and speed, whilst giving thrill seekers a ride to remember!

More on the Thrills of Thorpe Park here!


I was quite reluctant to write about the following subject, purely to the fact that I despise BodyShock programmes. The way these programmes portrays human beings as complete freaks just because they suffer from a rare disease is quite horrific.

However the story of 16-year-old Jyoti Amge did quite the opposite. A mere 23 inches tall Jyoti suffers from Achondroplasia; the most recognisable form of dwarfism that occurs due to a lack of growth hormones.

Although Jyoti continues to lead a normal life her condition has led her to move up in the world. Renowned as a goddess, her family and Gurus literally believe she is a form of god.

To me, her status is ludicrous. Not only that, but doctors believe they can help her quality of life for the future. An operation to realign her bones and insert metal rods to hold them in place could change her life. More importantly stop it from deteriorating.

But, this is where the story becomes sad. Jyoti’s parents are concerned she won’t be able to withstand the pain and refuse doctors operating. Taking away their daughters chance to walk and live a near to normal life, to me, seems selfish. I mean, what happens when Jyoti is 35? Will she still get carried everywhere? Will India still see her as a goddess?

With all the media surrounding Susan Boyle its sad to say, but I’m not surprised she ended up in a mental home. She just didn’t realise what was coming. But who is to blame? Is it ITV for letting her perform, or is it us, the audience for giving her so much attention?


Honestly I think it’s a mix of the two. The cocktail is a dangerous one, specially for a woman who has lived a very quiet life. But the underlying question here is: Has reality TV just gone too far?

Okay, I admit I was glued to Britain’s Got Talent. But now when I think about it, I feel like a playground bully. Not the ring-leader but the kid in the background who does nothing and just laughs. Some people that go on these reality shows are vulnerable and we know it. Yet they we use them as entertainment.

Then as the judges throw them into the semi finals, their determination and perseverance is laughed upon again. We sit and think to ourselves: “Do they really think they are good?”

It’s time producers took a step back and think about their motives. Think about how these people will be affected in the long-run.

Okay, so you might say: “It’s the individual who makes the choice to go on the show, it’s their fault.” But frankly I disagree. Producers know EXCATLY how the showbiz world works. They are the ones with the final say, and its time they use their powers wisely. Not give ordinary people false hopes.

And while I’m on this topic, I think it’s even worse that children as young as 10 should be allowed to enter reality shows. It’s a disgrace. Yes, they are talented and amazingly cute to watch. But throwing them into a circus-like atmosphere is not fair on them.


Media can make and break someone within seconds and there are hundreds of ‘celebrities’ which have experienced that. So why any parent would put their child through such an ordeal puzzles me. Wouldn’t you support your child’s talent and encourage them to pursue their dream, but still emphasise the need to get an education. Showbiz is too risky for such young children.

And yes, I could go on about this a fair deal. But I’ll stop, because at the end of the day, reality TV is getting worse. Big Brother begins soon and don’t even get me started on that non-sense!


Sipping on a fresh banana and vanilla smoothie, I can feel summer is in the air. Yep. Bring on late night BBQs, painting my toe nails, chilling in the park and having to eat my ice cream quickly before it melts. Not to forget great water fights, which I do plan to win some time this summer! (Hint hint, Nikhil!)

Summer! It’s like a breath of fresh air! Bright wardrobes come out of their closets, flips flops, and oooh, the best thing is people are HAPPY!

Driving around the past couple of day, people are nicer. They let me stroll out of my driveway without beeping me. They even cracked a smile. Drivers let me pass on narrow streets. (Thanks) I also let them pass!

It’s a funny thing. Funny but true. I think in Britain we just get bored of seeing same dull, wet weather. A slight change in weather seems to create a HUGE change in peoples’ mood. Even when it was the snow day. It generally had a good effect on people. Random conversations with strangers, people unite.

I like it! I look forward to this summer!


Are they actually being serious? A missing frog?

Can anyone explain?

An article my friend Sital Ladva wrote about the taboo subject of kissing.

Check it out here.

Yesterday there was a sad story at Barbican in Islington. A cyclist was killed after a collision with a mixer lorry at the Old Street Junction. Full story here.

So the reason for this post is a plea to cyclists.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen cyclists come close to near-death experiences, especially at Old Street junction in Islington. And on several incidents cyclists are not obeying the Highway code. They don’t stop at traffic lights or zebra crossings, which as you can imagine puts both them and pedestrians in a lot of danger.

The large and long-lasting roadworks don’t help the situation and personally I never feel safe crossing there. Can drivers see me behind all the lorries is what I’m constantly thinking but I wish people would ride, drive and walk with more caution.

It is sad that it takes a death like this but I really hope it brings awareness to others who ride in the area.

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