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Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and the Edge have joined together and created “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour),” to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Left a frog in the back of my throat this morning.


Jay Sean is at his all time high. Although I’m not a huge fan of his, hats off to him, he is flying high!

Down is his first number one single in the States. A very catchy song and yes, I do sing along in the car. But found this remix and I like it heaps more. You can actually hear how beautiful his voice really is.

Lucie-Jones-cropRelax, it’s only a show.
3000 complaints is an utter waste of time.

At the end of the day Lucie received lowest number of votes. End of story. Full stop.

This weekend saw the Irish pair survive the sing-off with Lucie Jones after judge Simon Cowell turned to the public result.

Now yes, of course, The X Factor is a singing contest and clearly Lucie has a lot more talent than the twins but along with talent, the contestants need to showcase likability and personality. This, the twins do brilliantly and even though they can’t sing the public like them. Lucie didn’t connect with the public, hence she got the lowest number of votes.

Let’s face it. Everyone is intrigued and excited to see Jedward’s performance every Saturday. Even if you hate them, you still want to see their performance. The hate campaigns now NEED to stop – quite frankly the public are bullying the young lads, who in all honesty have every right to be on the show.

As for Simon Cowell, we can come up with numerous reasons for his actions on Sunday night: get the strong singers out, Jedward attract viewers = MONEY. But like he said on The Xtra Factor: “It’s not life or death.” The contestants are recording a charity single this week – That’s what matters. It’s not all about fame, Simon realises there are more important things to do.

So you all people complaining to ITV and OFCOM ask yourself, why didn’t you vote for Lucie if you feel this strongly about her talent?

This is raw. This is pure. And it showcases a true legend – This Is It.

An extraordinary documentary – nothing like I imagined – stitches together raw footage from the singer’s rehearsals. Assembled shortly after the singer’s death in June, the behind the scene footage is a window into the preparations for the ‘This Is It’ tour. 50 dates – sold out within seconds – and after seeing this, the fact is, his concerts would have been absolutely breath-taking.

Here we saw the genius at work. Completely focused and incredibly determined on perfecting every second of the show. Reaching a level of perfection, you see cuts from different rehearsals which are identical. Here was no sign of sickness – Just a man who is doing what he does best.

Everything was in place – Musicians, dancers, a 3D Thriller, and the man himself. Dancing like a 21-year-old and a singing straight from his heart, you could really feel the passion. These pure, stripped-down moments shows Michael in his element.

Taking you away from Michael’s life in the tabloids, and even his death, you feel like you’ve gone back in time and are a fly on the wall. Yet the story goes on. The collage of his rehearsals becomes a bittersweet memorial, because of course; we all know how it ends.

When I think of what Michael would have been like live – this is it – Completely on the ball, energetic and a faultless show.

Before seeing the show, I had read a few reviews, and I’ll admit I was a little worried. But this man deserves a lot more credit – this was not an artist past his prime, this was Michael Jackson.

After a very heated debate about JLS debut single Beat Again, this single gets my thumbs up. This is what I can see myself singing along to in the car. Not only do they sound a lot more mature, they look hot too! Starting to shed the reality show hoodies, their new wardrobes are pretty unique too. I like it, what do you think?

After coming so close to winning The X Factor, JLS fans were waiting for a damn good single from the guys.

But their debut single hasn’t impressed me. Sorry. It just reminds me of A1, if anyone remembers them. Way too much pop for a group that saw better days on The X Factor. Maybe I was hoping for something a little more Motown or RnB.

Even when reading the lyrics, the guys sound desperate and rather pathetic. What happened to the y-chromosome? Lets hope their next track represents them a little better.

Damn the Doctors just finished telling me
There’s no time
Losing you could be the end of me
And that I
Should do the things that I wanna do
How could I
Without you without you ooh ooh

Cause youre the only I let in
Tell me how to stop this feeling spreadin
I’m hopin somehow that you know ooh ooh

Lets just get back together
We shouldve never broke up
Theyre telling me
That my heart wont beat again
We should have stayed together (No)
Cos when you left me it stopped
Theyre telling me
That my heart wont beat again
Won’t beat again
Its killing me
(Hey hey hey)

If I died
Yeah would you come to my funeral
Would you cry
Would you feel some regret that
We didnt try
Or would you fall apart the
same as I
Uh uh uh

And would it always haunt you baby
That you missed your chance to save me
Cos you know its not too late
(Hey hey heeeeeey)

Lets just get back together
We should have never broke up
They’re telling me
That my heart won’t beat again
We should have stayed together
Vause when you left me it stopped
Theyre telling me
That my heart wont beat again
Won’t beat again
Its killing me
That my heart wont beat again
Won’t beat again
Its killing me

I need you back in my arms
I need love CPR
Cos its getting so cold ooooh
I need you back again
Or else Ill never mend
And girl if I go
I go I go I go

Lets just get back together
We should have never broke up
Theyre telling me
That my heart wont beat again
We should have stayed together
Cause when you left me it stopped
Theyre telling me
That my heart wont beat again
Won’t beat again
Its killing me
That my heart wont beat again
Won’t beat again
Its killing me
(hey .. come on)

Im beggin please dont let me, go
(repeat 4x)

To be able to express emotions through instruments and singing is so beautiful. I can’t imagine how I’d tell people how I feel without a song to help me along the way or how to find faith when it’s lost.

After a rollercoaster of a day music helps me relax, remember and reflect. Originally this post was going to be about Naturally 7, a band who makes all their sounds through their vocals. I will still post a couple of videos of them, purely because of their unique talent. They are truly amazing, have a listen. But after the writing the first paragraph I feel this post can be much more.

Right now, I’m listening to UB40 – I Got You Babe. But when I shuffle through my iPod, I realise all 3441 songs remind me of a moment in my life. Each song takes me back to that moment, and all the feelings come rushing back. It’s funny when you think about it. While the song tells a story, you have your own story to tell too!

So what’s your song story? Do you have certain tracks which take you back? I would love to know, how important music is to you.

And as I promised, here are a few videos of Naturally 7. Let me know what you think.


Over the past week, all I’ve been listening to is Michael Jackson. Album through album, his sound is electrifying!

Yesterday, walking though central, outside HMV in Piccadilly Circus lay a small memorial. The first I’ve seen, it was warming to see how many people one man has touched.

Later, fans danced to his music and celebrated the life of a pure genius!

And here’s a clip of his rehearsals, for the This Is It tour he was due to start this month. I’ve got to say it, I was surprised. He looks full of life and energy. Guess his passion for performing never died and never will.

But it doesn’t stop there. Look at the amount of happiness he has brought to individuals!

Rest in peace Michael…

michael-jackson-thrillerThe King of Pop has left us, and will rest in peace in the heavens above. But boy, his music will live on.

It all feels very surreal. When it was unconfirmed it felt like a sick joke. I couldn’t quite believe but this morning all was confirmed.

Due to perform at the London O2 in two weeks, the pressure was intense. Could he pull it off? Was he still capable?  The media had been focusing on the man more than his music in recent years and they were ever ready to scrutinise his performance.  

Throughout this afternoon I’ve been flicking through radio stations, and within minutes I hear his voice. His lyrics, persona, songs, and dance are undoubtedly immortal. I mean there are no words that do justice to his music. It’s immense.

As a man, I think we can all agree his life was a rollercoaster. Sky highs followed by hell lows, but not once was his talent questioned. A musical genius who I feel was misunderstood as a man.

Now the world mourns for an artist whose music brought incredible amounts of emotion of individuals. I mean, I was trying to pick a favourite of mine. But it’s just hit after hit. Sentimental tunes followed by beats which moulded future artists. Its fascinating how one figure can influence so much. I’m Speechless, like he sung. All generations love Michael Jackson and that in itself is an achievement. Pure magic and profound legend

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and although his death is still fresh and the story is far from finished, I genuinely believe he had lived his life to the max. An incredible story.

Wow-Wee! Boyz II Men took my breath away! Soulful, sexy and sensational. And that’s no exaggeration.

Performing at the intimate venue Indigo2 they seduced the audience with a variety of tracks and eras. The evening most definitely illustrated the journey of the American group.

With their amazing harmonies, also came some sweet dance moves and roses which made the show complete.

The group, who have strongly lived through over 20 years, definitely represent RnB and Soul. Four grammys, ten albums, I’m guessing you can tell I loved this concert! It was actually the second time I saw them, and they still managed to sweep me of my feet!

Slowing it down with hit single ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ (which spent 14 weeks at number one) and world famous ‘End of the Road’, whilst slipping a few Motown tracks in it kept the vibe high and happy.

Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris, and Wanya Morris for sure put on a great performance. No special effects, just the soulful sounds of Boyz II Men.

Check out my videos. (Apologies for the crazy hands and tipsy woman behind us)

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