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Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and the Edge have joined together and created “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour),” to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Left a frog in the back of my throat this morning.


A new year, a new decade. 2010. What we plan on calling this decade is a little unknown at the moment – Tens, Tenies, Teenies. I’m going with the latter, but I’m sure some more ideas will emerge soon.

Well, what does this year hold? Graduation – Eek, that means making a big step into the real world. Lots of hard work will go into the next few months and to help myself keep on top of things here’s my New Year’s resolution, plus a few extra. Being in black and white, hopefully it’ll help me keep them going further than 10th January 2010.

1. Stay organised – I need to create my own deadlines to ensure I meet the real ones
2. Do not panic – This is usually something I tell Kavita, but I think it’s going to apply to us both this year.
3. Have fun! – Even though this semester going to be tough tough tough, (yes I do have to repeat it) I need to enjoy it because it’s not going to last much longer. And that last one goes out to everyone.

Happy New Decade

So I haven’t blogged in over a month. Tut tut. My excuse: Final year university. Crunch time and this first semester has been intense. I actually wake up and fall asleep thinking of new ideas for different projects.

Anyway, I’m diverting and the main point of this post is to introduce you to a charity by the name of The Forgiveness Project. A collection of stories, the Forgiveness Project helps both victims and perpetrators of crime. Giving them the platform to express their feelings, it quickly becomes clear that both need help. Both require time and patience to re-integrate with society. The Forgiveness Project gives them this canvas and now has a collection of stories.

I discovered them through a workshop entitled ‘What is Forgiveness?’ Primarily I was attending for research purposes but I soon found myself in deep waters. These issues affect us all. Not just the few direct characters. I realised the press, in enhance, publish the front cover of a story. Though the inside, is often left untouched, it holds emotions, memories, experiences, motives and much more.

With one story, I actually scared myself. I believe a girl who planned and paid for the murder of her husband is innocent and shouldn’t be serving a life sentence. It’s surreal feeling and from reading her story, I’m sure it will pull on some of your strings too.

Uncovering more stories found by the Forgiveness Projects was an emotional experience and really opened my eyes. My definition of justice has now transformed. To what, I’m not yet sure, but it has changed.

Tragedies are something we all hear about. Whether it’s on the news, through friends or in the novels we read, they are everywhere. Yet everyone likes to keep a fair distance from them.

Recently a tragedy hit home. Although I’ll never understand why, we lost my grandma through the selfish actions of another human being. Shock followed by anger, questions and sadness spread through all the family. If you’ve read my earlier post Believe or not to Believe, you’ll know I already question religion, so this event far from strengthened my faith. I didn’t understand, and don’t think I ever will. But I’ve realised in life, we won’t ever understand everything. Some things are there too throw us completely off course. Pick us up; put us though a whirlpool and then expect us to carry on. But it’s not about why you got put in the whirlpool. It’s about how you recover and what you learn.

The battle of good versus bad will never go away. Whether it’s a tragedy costing someone their life or the small choices you make in your day to day life. Going through different experiences in the end make you who you are.

I strongly believe everything happens for reason and even though some reasons are unknown, we need to find the positive and focus. Deaths and losing loved ones is something no-one can prepare for. Why? It’s because as humans sharing experiences is how we learn – and therefore death is unique and a complete mystery.

One thought that’s kept me going through the past few weeks is this. Our body, the physical stuff, is a carriage. Your personality, true beauty and the stuff people know you for is kept deep in your soul. And your soul is eternal. It escapes the world and lives on. It continues a journey unknown to mankind.

I’ve wanted to put pen to paper for a little while down. But everytime all I found myself writing was questions. Today I tried hard to look beyond those questions and this is what I found. Hopefully it helps. Helps when we have those moments where we all need a lift or losing track. If it does that, for even one person, I’ll be happy.

400hCover_TheNotebookA bittersweet love story that will stop you in your tracks and have you touched by the true meaning of love.

The story starts with an elderly man reading to lady from a worn notebook. You instantly feel the honesty in the man’s voice and know he has told the story many times. As the story switches from the man’s routine of reading the notebook to the actual content of the notebook each word will touch your heart.

Illustrating the purity of unconditional love the novel doesn’t fly away with the fairies. The bond between Noah and Allie opens your eyes. We all sometimes get lost in the present moment, forgetting about what the far future may bring.  Sparks works a plot which removes all materialistic desires and remains grounded, breaking and mending your heart numerous times.

Vividly painting a canvas with words that will leave you staring at the book after finishing it, the immense love between Noah and Allie is so real and true.

I can’t quite express how beautiful this novel is. It’s definitely a must-read for all those who want to feel true romance. True love.

After several intense discussions orientated around science and religion it only seems right to put in down in words. Hopefully opening the debate to you, I may be able to get a better understanding of all this hocus pocus.

So many questions. And more interestingly, so many answers. Answers that come in hundreds, if not thousands of versions. Does God exist? Who is he? Is he a male? What about the big band theory? What about evolution? That’s proven. Does science overpower faith, or does faith remain strong and close to ones heart?

My take on the subject so far is this. People take a journey in their lives. Filled with highs and lows having faith in something out of this world, gives them hope. Hope reassures people that we are on this earth for a purpose.

More so in times of need people turn to religion. Whether you see this as right or wrong, having that belief makes get them through the tough times. Now I’m not a greatly religious person, nicknamed a coconut, I’m far from it. But I’ve found that death and religion are closely linked. When losing someone close to you, you need to believe they are in a better place and what better ways to do that then turn to the church or temple.

But now the question lies in do people still have that strong faith when their lives are happy and successful? Or do you forget about God then? Okay, I’ve got to stop. Although I’m putting pen to paper, one question and one question only is burning in my mind: Who is God? There is the Bible, the Qu’ran, numerous Hindu scriptures but where have these stories come from? Some are so far from realism it’s insane!

See, I used to be fairly religious as a child. I believed in God through both the happy and sad times. But then I started attending Sai School and the more in depth I looked into Hinduism, the more I questioned it. For me it then became realism verse religion. And why is the world such an unexplainable place. While innocent people are faced with the tragic lives, the bad people seem to get away with so much.

This is such an intense subject it is difficult to cover all areas. An ongoing debate it is something we will never fully understand. Yet it is still interesting to understand something which can be interpreted differently by every human being.

I’ll leave the floor open now as I’m more interested to know your opinions and stories. And please be assured all views are respected.

To be able to express emotions through instruments and singing is so beautiful. I can’t imagine how I’d tell people how I feel without a song to help me along the way or how to find faith when it’s lost.

After a rollercoaster of a day music helps me relax, remember and reflect. Originally this post was going to be about Naturally 7, a band who makes all their sounds through their vocals. I will still post a couple of videos of them, purely because of their unique talent. They are truly amazing, have a listen. But after the writing the first paragraph I feel this post can be much more.

Right now, I’m listening to UB40 – I Got You Babe. But when I shuffle through my iPod, I realise all 3441 songs remind me of a moment in my life. Each song takes me back to that moment, and all the feelings come rushing back. It’s funny when you think about it. While the song tells a story, you have your own story to tell too!

So what’s your song story? Do you have certain tracks which take you back? I would love to know, how important music is to you.

And as I promised, here are a few videos of Naturally 7. Let me know what you think.


5km in 45 minutes. I’m well proud!

Yesterday myself, Kav, Jaina and Anisha did the race for life in Hyde Park. Joining another 17,000 women, the route took place in the beautiful Hyde Park.

I’ve got to admit, I have not exercised for years. I mean, I walk everywhere, but hard-core gyming and training is unheard of. This is the main reason I’m so proud I completed the track in good time.

Was all for a good cause and had a fun day out. Maybe next year I’ll train and do better!

For anyone who still wants to sponsor us, please visit


Over the past week, all I’ve been listening to is Michael Jackson. Album through album, his sound is electrifying!

Yesterday, walking though central, outside HMV in Piccadilly Circus lay a small memorial. The first I’ve seen, it was warming to see how many people one man has touched.

Later, fans danced to his music and celebrated the life of a pure genius!

And here’s a clip of his rehearsals, for the This Is It tour he was due to start this month. I’ve got to say it, I was surprised. He looks full of life and energy. Guess his passion for performing never died and never will.

But it doesn’t stop there. Look at the amount of happiness he has brought to individuals!

Rest in peace Michael…

I had no clue what to get Dad, apart form everything which is outside my budget, so I painted him this picture. Simple, but I think it’s his kind of thing.


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