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Fashion trends really do go round in circles and items my mum used to wear can be dug out of the wardrobe. All they need is revamping with some new accessories.

Now in the 21st century, anything goes. Depending on your mood you could go all the back to the 1950s. It’s definetly ‘a back to the future’ moment.

Taking you through the eras with a few tips, lets get this bandwagon going.

Have you always been memorised by Marilyn Monroe’s white dress whilst the wind is blowing in her hair? Well this summer was made for you. Not only can you pull out those bright prints, which I know make you feel good, but go for the confident red lipstick too. Keep an eye out for that extra detail which will give your outfit a contemporary lift. And not to forget, but for all you ladies planning your summer gateways, high-waist bikinis with a pair of retro sunglasses will get heads turning on that beach. Perfect!

The sixties scream ‘girls with attitude’. Miniskirts, fake lashes, and leather boots. Wait a minute that all sounds awful in one outfit, but the key is to mix and match. If you are going for the monochrome look add one piece of bright colour, whether it be nail varnish or affordable accessories from Primarche. And if you feel it’s a little early to get the bare legs out match your miniskirts and shorts with over the knee socks. Cute!

My personal favourite, bohemian glamour is so sexy. A floaty floral dress, with hair left natural not only is easy to put together but suits women of all shapes and sizes. Then all you need is a low-slung bag (perfect to fit all the junk we carry around with us) and a plaited hair headband. And if this all sounds too hippy for you, you can just add a waistcoat to your outfit.

One word can describe the eighties, colour. Relaxed, oversized tops mixed with sky-high heels or platforms will give your outfit the finishing touch. Wow, this era, reminds me of Andy Warhol. Love it! And if you want to take a simple outlook on this trend, try mixing one bright colour into your look. And when I say bright, I mean hot pink, glowing yellow, or neon green. Two more words, embrace it!

The nineties don’t scream half as much as any other era. It’s more laid back; even though we know you thought about your outfit before bed. Distressed denim collaborated with a printed tee, finished off with a pair of Doctor Martens (which I can officially says are hot again). And if that’s all a little too rock and roll, a pair of converse with a gothic gem will have you looking effortlessly trendy.

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