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Lucie-Jones-cropRelax, it’s only a show.
3000 complaints is an utter waste of time.

At the end of the day Lucie received lowest number of votes. End of story. Full stop.

This weekend saw the Irish pair survive the sing-off with Lucie Jones after judge Simon Cowell turned to the public result.

Now yes, of course, The X Factor is a singing contest and clearly Lucie has a lot more talent than the twins but along with talent, the contestants need to showcase likability and personality. This, the twins do brilliantly and even though they can’t sing the public like them. Lucie didn’t connect with the public, hence she got the lowest number of votes.

Let’s face it. Everyone is intrigued and excited to see Jedward’s performance every Saturday. Even if you hate them, you still want to see their performance. The hate campaigns now NEED to stop – quite frankly the public are bullying the young lads, who in all honesty have every right to be on the show.

As for Simon Cowell, we can come up with numerous reasons for his actions on Sunday night: get the strong singers out, Jedward attract viewers = MONEY. But like he said on The Xtra Factor: “It’s not life or death.” The contestants are recording a charity single this week – That’s what matters. It’s not all about fame, Simon realises there are more important things to do.

So you all people complaining to ITV and OFCOM ask yourself, why didn’t you vote for Lucie if you feel this strongly about her talent?

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