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So I saw this on Rema’s blog and was very impressed. Maybe impressed was the right word until I YouTube-d the video and found the divorce six months down the line. Eek! Don’t think thats real. Plus this couple look like a pair full of fun and laughter. That’s what life should be!

Soon got little carried away on YouTube and found few more wedding traditions with a twist!



The Sun has officially given up on the Labour Party. Britain’s largest selling newspaper has a habit of backing winners and is now supporting the Tories.

But how much will this influence the reality of politics? Will The Sun push those voters who are sitting on the fence?

Although Gordon Brown speech was fairly well welcomed yesterday, The Sun though not. Instead we awoke to it slating the party and listing it failures.

History indicates newspapers can influence the minds of the public right to the very last minute. TIming is crucial and it will be interesting to see the developments of this event.

Gordon Brown now needs to really reassure the public. He needs to pull it out the bag. What ‘it’ is, I don’t know, but everyone can see how crushed he is getting. The Sun’s list of failures is quite easy to relate to, quite easy to visualise and I can understand how people can be influenced, again quite easily.

Only time will tell, but with the general election is just around the corner, time is running out.

Tests have been taken and results are in. The iPhone is the coolest brand in the UK. And it doesn’t stop there for Apple as they secured third and fourth place too.

While Aston Martin slips down to second place it seems that the definition of cool is always changing. Facebook disappeared off the charts while sites such as YouTube and Google entered. BBC iPlayer even made it into the Top 20.

Take a look at the Top 10 and see if you are too cool for school or falling behind.

1. iPhone
2. Aston Martin
3. Apple
4. iPod
5. Nintendo
6. YouTube
7. Blackberry
8. Google
9. Bang & Olufsen
10. Playstation

After a very heated debate about JLS debut single Beat Again, this single gets my thumbs up. This is what I can see myself singing along to in the car. Not only do they sound a lot more mature, they look hot too! Starting to shed the reality show hoodies, their new wardrobes are pretty unique too. I like it, what do you think?

Tragedies are something we all hear about. Whether it’s on the news, through friends or in the novels we read, they are everywhere. Yet everyone likes to keep a fair distance from them.

Recently a tragedy hit home. Although I’ll never understand why, we lost my grandma through the selfish actions of another human being. Shock followed by anger, questions and sadness spread through all the family. If you’ve read my earlier post Believe or not to Believe, you’ll know I already question religion, so this event far from strengthened my faith. I didn’t understand, and don’t think I ever will. But I’ve realised in life, we won’t ever understand everything. Some things are there too throw us completely off course. Pick us up; put us though a whirlpool and then expect us to carry on. But it’s not about why you got put in the whirlpool. It’s about how you recover and what you learn.

The battle of good versus bad will never go away. Whether it’s a tragedy costing someone their life or the small choices you make in your day to day life. Going through different experiences in the end make you who you are.

I strongly believe everything happens for reason and even though some reasons are unknown, we need to find the positive and focus. Deaths and losing loved ones is something no-one can prepare for. Why? It’s because as humans sharing experiences is how we learn – and therefore death is unique and a complete mystery.

One thought that’s kept me going through the past few weeks is this. Our body, the physical stuff, is a carriage. Your personality, true beauty and the stuff people know you for is kept deep in your soul. And your soul is eternal. It escapes the world and lives on. It continues a journey unknown to mankind.

I’ve wanted to put pen to paper for a little while down. But everytime all I found myself writing was questions. Today I tried hard to look beyond those questions and this is what I found. Hopefully it helps. Helps when we have those moments where we all need a lift or losing track. If it does that, for even one person, I’ll be happy.

n256510I read this book, purely because of the title. Everything happens for a reason is something I strongly believe in. I’m always saying it, so I thought this novel may give me a deeper insight. But I’m afraid the novel didn’t do the quote justice.

Kavita Daswani tells the story of Priya who marries into a family living in America. Leaving behind everything she knows and has grown up with, she moves to Los Angeles. When instructed to find a job, Priya finds her way to her dream job – a journalist. One catch – it is to be kept a secret from her in-laws. They wouldn’t approve with her showbiz lifestyle.

 While the plot was an interesting subject to tackle, for me it just seemed too easy to keep the secret. And even when her true identity was found, the ending was unsatisfying and rushed. You would think something that Priya had worked so hard for; she would have fought a little harder. But her decision felt hasty and not thought through.

 A relaxing read but not as gripping as I would have liked or expected.

Yesterday, I ventured into Harrow Town Centre in the hope to find some starter bits for knitting. So, as you do, I headed for Thursday market, which I remember to have the ‘market atmosphere’. Fruit and veg, men with money bags calling out their bargains for the day, locals hunting down a bargain, you know the drill. But instead I found a few quiet stalls selling dribs and drabs. 

Quite a pitiful sight because as I wondered around Harrow, I realised more poundstores, 99p world, and the alike emerging. Teenagers walked past arguing about who owes who money. Shops forced to leave “Back in 10 minutes” signs on their front doors due to lack of staff. It was sad.

Here are the effects of the recessions. The effect on small businesses is huge. Simultaneously city bankers head off on night out – all paid for by the company! Slight imbalance I think!

No wonder bricks were flying through bank windows during the protests!


My Sister’s Keeper is a truly heart-wrenching novel that will leave you in tears.

Jodi Picoult bases her story on a family fighting to keep their daughter Kate alive. Diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia at the mere age of two, parents Sara and Brian decide to have a ‘designer’ baby; made in the hope of saving Kate. Within hours of being born, Anna is enduring procedures of her own to save her sister.

Thirteen years on, her body is still being used to keep her sister alive. At no time is Anna consulted, just expected to co-operate. It is then Anna decides to pursue a lawsuit, fighting for the right to have control of her own body.

Picoult narrates the story through the eyes of various characters, so while in one chapter one find yourself on Anna’s side, a chapter later you understand that a mother will do anything to save her child’s life. Each character, including the rebellious son and life-saver father develop their own way of dealing with the situation and while you might not sympathise with some of their actions, you understand.

Filled with flashbacks leading to the present day, the novel is written with immense power and beauty. It will leave you with a lump in your throat, tears in your eyes and have you questioning the value of life.

The twist arrives in the end, and without giving too much away, will leave shocked, heartbroken and re-examining everything again.

A skilfully-crafted novel that should be on everyone’s reading list.

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