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400hCover_TheNotebookA bittersweet love story that will stop you in your tracks and have you touched by the true meaning of love.

The story starts with an elderly man reading to lady from a worn notebook. You instantly feel the honesty in the man’s voice and know he has told the story many times. As the story switches from the man’s routine of reading the notebook to the actual content of the notebook each word will touch your heart.

Illustrating the purity of unconditional love the novel doesn’t fly away with the fairies. The bond between Noah and Allie opens your eyes. We all sometimes get lost in the present moment, forgetting about what the far future may bring.  Sparks works a plot which removes all materialistic desires and remains grounded, breaking and mending your heart numerous times.

Vividly painting a canvas with words that will leave you staring at the book after finishing it, the immense love between Noah and Allie is so real and true.

I can’t quite express how beautiful this novel is. It’s definitely a must-read for all those who want to feel true romance. True love.


sawSo our family trip was planned and organised to Thorpe Park last Friday and talk about taking it out of me!

I won’t bore you with the details of every ride but I’ll tell you this much – Saw is breathtaking. Not to forget exhilarating, thrilling and surely full of suspense. The ride has had a lot of publicity but, the hour long queue was worth every second.

Filled with drops, gruesome scenes, loops we walked off shaking. Just when you think you’ve dropped enough to be quite close to the ground you drop again! Also the ride is partially in the dark which just adds to the Saw atmosphere. And funny thing is the best was still to come – alongside purchasing photos, you can now purchases videos of yourself on the ride!

Being the first themed rollercoaster for a horror film it is definitely worth the £13.5 million it took to create. The 8-seater car allows for tight changes in direction and speed, whilst giving thrill seekers a ride to remember!

More on the Thrills of Thorpe Park here!

After several intense discussions orientated around science and religion it only seems right to put in down in words. Hopefully opening the debate to you, I may be able to get a better understanding of all this hocus pocus.

So many questions. And more interestingly, so many answers. Answers that come in hundreds, if not thousands of versions. Does God exist? Who is he? Is he a male? What about the big band theory? What about evolution? That’s proven. Does science overpower faith, or does faith remain strong and close to ones heart?

My take on the subject so far is this. People take a journey in their lives. Filled with highs and lows having faith in something out of this world, gives them hope. Hope reassures people that we are on this earth for a purpose.

More so in times of need people turn to religion. Whether you see this as right or wrong, having that belief makes get them through the tough times. Now I’m not a greatly religious person, nicknamed a coconut, I’m far from it. But I’ve found that death and religion are closely linked. When losing someone close to you, you need to believe they are in a better place and what better ways to do that then turn to the church or temple.

But now the question lies in do people still have that strong faith when their lives are happy and successful? Or do you forget about God then? Okay, I’ve got to stop. Although I’m putting pen to paper, one question and one question only is burning in my mind: Who is God? There is the Bible, the Qu’ran, numerous Hindu scriptures but where have these stories come from? Some are so far from realism it’s insane!

See, I used to be fairly religious as a child. I believed in God through both the happy and sad times. But then I started attending Sai School and the more in depth I looked into Hinduism, the more I questioned it. For me it then became realism verse religion. And why is the world such an unexplainable place. While innocent people are faced with the tragic lives, the bad people seem to get away with so much.

This is such an intense subject it is difficult to cover all areas. An ongoing debate it is something we will never fully understand. Yet it is still interesting to understand something which can be interpreted differently by every human being.

I’ll leave the floor open now as I’m more interested to know your opinions and stories. And please be assured all views are respected.

HomeHome tells a story of three generations. Three generations facing different obstacles as traditions around them change.

 The Bawari Lal family have overcome troubles in the past and worked hard for their success. But they don’t realise the meaning of hard work until they begin to raise their children and grandchildren.

 Manju Kapur endeavours to show the traditions of a close-knit Indian family. Wants, needs, passion and desire is the recipe which will test the family and each plot emphasizes the meaning of family. Two dominant characters, from different generations are struggling with the speed of time. Whilst Sona is unhappy because time is moving too fast, Nisha wishes time would speed up. 

To be honest I’m not sure what I make of this book. Perhaps it’s because traditions have evolved so much that the attitudes displayed make me uncomfortable – the pressures of an arranged marriage, the importance of caste, the struggles to have children of your own. Traditions less prominent in the life around me made the novel immensely engaging. I felt frustrated, almost tangling myself up in family tensions.

 Personally I learnt a lot from this book, and in a way it made me grateful of the world I live in. Although I was not satisfied with the ending, it highlighted that not every ending is a happy one and sometime you have to settle for second best.

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