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I had no clue what to get Dad, apart form everything which is outside my budget, so I painted him this picture. Simple, but I think it’s his kind of thing.



michael-jackson-thrillerThe King of Pop has left us, and will rest in peace in the heavens above. But boy, his music will live on.

It all feels very surreal. When it was unconfirmed it felt like a sick joke. I couldn’t quite believe but this morning all was confirmed.

Due to perform at the London O2 in two weeks, the pressure was intense. Could he pull it off? Was he still capable?  The media had been focusing on the man more than his music in recent years and they were ever ready to scrutinise his performance.  

Throughout this afternoon I’ve been flicking through radio stations, and within minutes I hear his voice. His lyrics, persona, songs, and dance are undoubtedly immortal. I mean there are no words that do justice to his music. It’s immense.

As a man, I think we can all agree his life was a rollercoaster. Sky highs followed by hell lows, but not once was his talent questioned. A musical genius who I feel was misunderstood as a man.

Now the world mourns for an artist whose music brought incredible amounts of emotion of individuals. I mean, I was trying to pick a favourite of mine. But it’s just hit after hit. Sentimental tunes followed by beats which moulded future artists. Its fascinating how one figure can influence so much. I’m Speechless, like he sung. All generations love Michael Jackson and that in itself is an achievement. Pure magic and profound legend

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and although his death is still fresh and the story is far from finished, I genuinely believe he had lived his life to the max. An incredible story.


I was quite reluctant to write about the following subject, purely to the fact that I despise BodyShock programmes. The way these programmes portrays human beings as complete freaks just because they suffer from a rare disease is quite horrific.

However the story of 16-year-old Jyoti Amge did quite the opposite. A mere 23 inches tall Jyoti suffers from Achondroplasia; the most recognisable form of dwarfism that occurs due to a lack of growth hormones.

Although Jyoti continues to lead a normal life her condition has led her to move up in the world. Renowned as a goddess, her family and Gurus literally believe she is a form of god.

To me, her status is ludicrous. Not only that, but doctors believe they can help her quality of life for the future. An operation to realign her bones and insert metal rods to hold them in place could change her life. More importantly stop it from deteriorating.

But, this is where the story becomes sad. Jyoti’s parents are concerned she won’t be able to withstand the pain and refuse doctors operating. Taking away their daughters chance to walk and live a near to normal life, to me, seems selfish. I mean, what happens when Jyoti is 35? Will she still get carried everywhere? Will India still see her as a goddess?

Wow-Wee! Boyz II Men took my breath away! Soulful, sexy and sensational. And that’s no exaggeration.

Performing at the intimate venue Indigo2 they seduced the audience with a variety of tracks and eras. The evening most definitely illustrated the journey of the American group.

With their amazing harmonies, also came some sweet dance moves and roses which made the show complete.

The group, who have strongly lived through over 20 years, definitely represent RnB and Soul. Four grammys, ten albums, I’m guessing you can tell I loved this concert! It was actually the second time I saw them, and they still managed to sweep me of my feet!

Slowing it down with hit single ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ (which spent 14 weeks at number one) and world famous ‘End of the Road’, whilst slipping a few Motown tracks in it kept the vibe high and happy.

Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris, and Wanya Morris for sure put on a great performance. No special effects, just the soulful sounds of Boyz II Men.

Check out my videos. (Apologies for the crazy hands and tipsy woman behind us)

One cabinet minister standing down was unlucky. A second looked worrying. But a third and the Labour Party seems to be falling to pieces before our eyes. How will they win a general election?

Last week, the Works and Pension Secretary, James Purnell decided it was time for him to stand down. No regrets. A stab in the back for leader Gordon Brown and the rest of the Cabinet as no-one saw it coming. Purnell is one of the first Cabinet Members to admit he has lost all faith in Brown. His resignation letter insisted the Prime Minster should step down if the party have any hope of surviving. To him, it wasn’t even a question of winning the general election; it’s a question of surviving.

With Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears also giving their resignation the Party went into the local elections with holes in the party. Blears had faced a difficult month. After the Telegraph revealed she was ‘flipping’ her ‘second home’ to make money and dodged paying over £13,000 in capital gains tax, Blears’ actions were described by Brown as ‘totally unacceptable’. The Communities Secretary was humiliated by Brown, who later supported both Geoff Hoon and James Purnell for similar offences. With public anger mounting, Blears quit. Wearing a badge inscribed ‘rocking the boat’ she insisted her actions were not to damage the PM, but to help him “reconnect with the people.”


With the Labour Party quickly losing hope in their leader, some members have begun a revolt, saying there is no chance in winning the next general election if they keep Brown. An email circulating, hopes to get over 50 signatures from MPs and backbenchers who insist Brown should step down. Within the Labour Party rules, a minimum of 72 signatures is required to force out their leader. Currently sources say they have a minimum of 50 but will Purnell leaving encourage more members to come forward?  Or will they sit tight and go down with the ship? Barry Sheerwood, Education Select Committee Chairman, has also insisted that that a secret vote is carried out, on whether Brown should stay. Members reassure their party claiming a new leader, favourite, Alan Johnson, can be appointed within 23 days. Adamant for a new leader, they feel this is the only way the party can survive. 

Brown’s leadership has been looking very weak since the revelations of the expenses row, that itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Re-shuffling has taken place and once again Brown reassures us that this team will tackle all the hot topics of the past month. Remaining loyal to Alistair Darling, Chancellor of Exchequer, we can only wait to see what happens next.

With the local and European elections result out, the mood in the Labour party must be grim. Polls pre-empting a fall proved true.

When the Telegraph revealed MPs expenses, day by day, it got worse. Claims were made for non-existent mortgages; profit was made in the property market and outrageous claims such as duck houses created a fuming public. MPs began to step down, speaker Michael Martin was forced out and it was a huge blow to all parties. However, Labour was hit the most. In recent polls from the Guardian, Tories support fell from 43 per cent to 37 per cent, whilst Labour support fell a further 6 per cent from their low 27 per cent. Wounds were beginning to re-open and issues such as the reform of the House of Lords, electoral reform and a written constitution were all back, facing heated debates. 

In comparison to David Cameron, Brown looked weak. Cameron’s harsh personality, saw MPs quickly sacked and apologies made to the public. On the other hand, we still haven’t even heard an apology from Brown. Not a great start, some would say. Now, whilst Cameron and two thirds of the general public demanding an early general election, once again Brown is letting us down. Why? For this there is a legitimate reason. Brown’s strongest point is economic policies. With years of experience as Chancellor of Exchequer, his policies to help the economy recover are well backed up. In contrast to the Tories who want to cut spending in health, education, defence and overseas aid, Brown feels he is the strongest person to take us through the crisis. So, although currently everything is against him, he still holds a glimmer of hope. And that’s why, if he makes it till next June, he hopes the economy will be back at number one on his to-do-list.


Another disadvantage the Labour party is facing is the broken promises of Tony Blair. When Blair came into power in 1997, he brought with him New Labour; supporting the poor and the working class. However this quickly faded and Labour lost a lot of support from people who had once been core supporters. Blair took Britain to war and acted as Bush’s poodle. The repercussions of that decision still flow among the British public and although Brown has promised a full investigation into the events, this will come after the general election.

To be frank, Labour is doomed. While Brown holds on tightly to his position as leader, the party support is quickly disappearing. Whether a new leader will be able to restore the party is the question on many members’ minds. As the public we can just sit tight and keep watching because if the next few days is anything like the last month, the storm is far from its end.

The word ‘geisha’ means artist. Many assume geisha are prostitutes but this is untrue.


From the moment I started reading the novel by Arthur Golden, I was captured. Mesmerised by the sheer beauty, elegance and exotic essence in the streets of Gion everything unfolded a hidden meaning. From each stroke of makeup to the way a girl wears her kimono; Golden tells the story of Chiyo who swaps fish life for the world of geisha.

The nine year old girl not only loses her family, but loses all control of her life to Memeha, her new older sister geisha. Chiyo embarks upon learning the art of conservation, music, dance, and seduction. Selling her virginity to the highest bidder in a world where love is an illusion Chiyo illustrates the life of geisha. But does she make it? Will she ever find happiness?

To be honest, after reading the book and also watching to film I felt somewhat dissatisfied. I wasn’t comfortable with the way geisha were being treated. Or how Chiyo, a little girl full of life and excitement grew up wearing a mask to hide her past. Perhaps I was hoping for more. More than just becoming a geisha.

Nevertheless her story is captivating. Her pure courage and determination to focus on what she had left in her life is truly inspiring. She does anything to fulfil her dream of becoming a geisha. Golden draws on Japanese culture, using every instrument to create an unforgettable atmosphere. You vision the colourful kimonos, feel Chiyo heart ache, hear the geisha giggle, and taste the salty tears of a girl who puts every ounce of her energy into her future.

An unusual but truly amazing tale.

Yippee! I finished my exams and now have time to kill! Yes, finally!

So, yesterday in our little celebratory meal we went to Masala Zone in Covent Garden. A contemporary cuisine serving Indian food in a quite the unique setting, me and Nikhil have been there a few times. This time we introduced Jay and Pav too! (Hope you guys liked it!)


However, each time we have failed to noticed a drink on the menu called Masala Coke. Yep you read it right, Masala Coke. Coke, with mint, lemon and spice. We ordered a glass and it soon came along with the waiter who was eager to see our reaction. Looked just as described; Coke, with mint and crushed ice floating on the top.

But let me tell you the taste was strange. First you taste coke, then mint, which is actually a nice mix. But then you get that kick of spice and I’m sorry to say but it leaves an awful taste in your mouth!

So there we had it! The waiter laughed at us and took it away. Leaving us to enjoy the food, which I will reassure you, is very nice.

With all the media surrounding Susan Boyle its sad to say, but I’m not surprised she ended up in a mental home. She just didn’t realise what was coming. But who is to blame? Is it ITV for letting her perform, or is it us, the audience for giving her so much attention?


Honestly I think it’s a mix of the two. The cocktail is a dangerous one, specially for a woman who has lived a very quiet life. But the underlying question here is: Has reality TV just gone too far?

Okay, I admit I was glued to Britain’s Got Talent. But now when I think about it, I feel like a playground bully. Not the ring-leader but the kid in the background who does nothing and just laughs. Some people that go on these reality shows are vulnerable and we know it. Yet they we use them as entertainment.

Then as the judges throw them into the semi finals, their determination and perseverance is laughed upon again. We sit and think to ourselves: “Do they really think they are good?”

It’s time producers took a step back and think about their motives. Think about how these people will be affected in the long-run.

Okay, so you might say: “It’s the individual who makes the choice to go on the show, it’s their fault.” But frankly I disagree. Producers know EXCATLY how the showbiz world works. They are the ones with the final say, and its time they use their powers wisely. Not give ordinary people false hopes.

And while I’m on this topic, I think it’s even worse that children as young as 10 should be allowed to enter reality shows. It’s a disgrace. Yes, they are talented and amazingly cute to watch. But throwing them into a circus-like atmosphere is not fair on them.


Media can make and break someone within seconds and there are hundreds of ‘celebrities’ which have experienced that. So why any parent would put their child through such an ordeal puzzles me. Wouldn’t you support your child’s talent and encourage them to pursue their dream, but still emphasise the need to get an education. Showbiz is too risky for such young children.

And yes, I could go on about this a fair deal. But I’ll stop, because at the end of the day, reality TV is getting worse. Big Brother begins soon and don’t even get me started on that non-sense!

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