So I had a dream last night. The dream told me, I had to blog the hot chocolate I experienced back in February. I say experienced, because it was like heaven in a mug. So smooth, and sweet, and creamy too. It was the best hot chocolate me and Kavita, my sister have ever tried.


See I’m a big fan of hot chocolate but I hate it in places like Starbucks and Costa. So watered-down and all the cocoa powder settles at the bottom. It leaves a weird taste in my mouth. (Please do let me know if I’m not the only one)

Any way, Tom Tom is a cute coffee house near Victoria Station. On the corner of Ebury Street we found it by chance but I’ve got to say, it’s defiantly a hidden beauty. Inside it has a relaxed and authentic mood. Slightly posh too, but an aura making you feel quite cosy and at home.

And trust me; by just looking at this picture, your mouth will water. I was so amazed that two months after I dreamt about it! Now isn’t that alone telling you that it is something special.