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Pouring the milk into my cereal I daydream while my cornflakes soften. My last day as a 20 year old, it’s quite scary when I think about it. Officially an adult tomorrow, (well midnight tonight depending how a leap year it celebrated) the world of mortgages, bills and a desired career creeps a little closer.


I’ve got to admit, being 20 has acted like a pair of stabilisers. Being more independent I’ve found myself and it’s true that when you break the mould; push your boundaries you discover hidden strengths and weaknesses within yourself.


Although being squashed against the train door heading towards Baker Street is not ideal, but it is a comfort zone for many of us. Routines and timetables, sometimes life rushes by without us realising we’ve been doing the same thing for months.


Reaching my destination, this year will be the one to remove those stabilisers. A feeling of fright is pumped round my body; pumped by excitement. And for those who know me, I agree, I haven’t been super excited about my birthday this year. My cousin kindly pointed out its OAS; Old Age Syndrome, but I don’t think that’s it (well at least I hope not). I may not be excited but I am eager to find what lies ahead in the year!


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